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Hi, I’m Tanya Marie!

Digital Strategist/Copywriter

It’s lovely virtually meet you in my corner of this digital land! In my previous corporate life, I excelled as a top-performing sales associate; awarded for being a top customer specialist in over 400 locations across Canada.

I spent 10+ years exceeding company standards by generating over seven times the amount of leads required, which catapulted me into the top 1% of sales performers in the company. 

My competitive drive and dedication to growth kept me in this top position on a monthly basis. As a result of my commitment to surpassing expectations, I am very selective about who I partner with and always go all-in on everything that I set my mind and heart to. I only want to work with businesses that are equally committed to achieving a high level of growth. 

The secret to my success is simple: I believe in growing relationships before numbers.

Through B2B and B2C, the best results always come with solution-focused and customer-centric marketing. People are the common denominator in every sale. My mission is to create a first-class experience that keeps them coming back. 

Tanya Marie

I’m here to listen closely to your business needs, dive into your dreams and aspirations, and curate a custom strategy to help you achieve your unique business goals. Together we will make it a reality and celebrate all the many wins along the way. 

Passionate about personal growth, success, and all things coffee – I am an obsessive learner, always busy masterminding the next move and expanding my business knowledge. When not working or exploring the latest business trends, I can be found cuddling my cat with my nose in a book likely learning about psychology and the magic of the mind. When the sunny weather permits (which isn’t often here in the Canadian tundra) I am outside soaking up the sun or exploring the wild depths of nature.

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Tanya Marie is a Digital Strategist and coach who helps coaches and creators grow their business online.