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→ Are you throwing out posts and hearing crickets? 

→ Have an incredible product or service but you cannot convert sales?

→ Struggle with growing followers and email subscribers?

→ Want to spend more time in your zone of genius than having to worry about what to post on the daily to make sales? 

→ Have no time to keep up with all the social media marketing trends?

Here’s how I can help you

Automate your magic

• Create an online ecosystem 

• Email Marketing

Strut your magic

• Social Media Strategy for Facebook and Instagram

• Hashtag Sets 

• Organic social media growth 

• Content Creation

• 3, 6, 12-month Content Idea Plug and Play Frameworks   

• Monthly Done for you or Done with You Social Media Management

Sell your magic

• Lead Generation strategy with freebies

• Monetize your magic on social media with small offers

• Custom Sales + Objection Handling Scripts

REACH OUT to build out your custom package for ultimate growth!

VIP Marketing Take Over Day

We will spend the day on zoom coming up with a strategic marketing blueprint for you to walk away and create optimal growth in your business for one whole year. 


• 1 Year content suite of ideas  • An illustrated map of your ecosystem  • 3 Opt-In Freebie Ideas  • 3 Small offers Ideas • Clarity on your core offer  • Email sequence scripts  • Hashtag sets  • Custom Sales and objection handling scripts • 1 month of Voxer coaching for implementation  

“I have worked with Tanya for almost a year and she is a social media wizard with endless energy for new concepts and ideas. She has the perfect combination of energy and experience to make any business shine online.”

– Kat Abianac / Social Media Expert

Tanya Marie, Testimonial, Review
Tanya Marie, Testimonial, Review

– Jennifer Bitner / Business Coach

“Tanya originally started with my company during its evolutionary period to take over our social media accounts. She quickly moved into the role of GM, because of her dedication to the growth of the company and for seeing everything through with such passion, integrity and innovation. 

When Tanya decided to step into her gifts full time as a social media strategist, I couldn’t see her doing anything but that. She is highly gifted and talented in this arena and will over-deliver every time. A true asset to any company!”

“Tanya is amazing, she helped me with my script for selling through Instagram direct messages – it’s so well structured it doesn’t even feel like selling!”

– Aina Sanchez

Tanya Marie, Testimonial, Review

How the magic happens


Step 1

Share your dreams in my questionnaire.

Step 2

If I feel like we will be a good fit I will analyze your current platforms and book a discovery call.

Step 3

I will then create a custom package based on your needs delivered within 24 hours.

Step 4

You accept which package works best for you and complete your invoice.

Step 5

We book an onboarding call.

Step 6

Start celebrating wins.

Let's work together!

Tanya Marie is a Digital Strategist and coach who helps coaches and creators grow their business online.